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LGS Architects, Inc. is an award-winning planning and architectural firm which was founded in the spring of 1992 by Loren G. Smets, A.I.A. and dedicated to the goal of designing projects that respond to our client's needs and aspirations and contribute to the quality of our communities and the people than live and work in them.

Recognized for design excellence, LGS Architects, Inc. is rapidly becoming a prime force in the development of a multitude of projects in both residential and commercial sectors. We offer our clients a comprehensive single source of planning and architectural services skillfully coordinated to produce successful results for a wide range of projects both large and small.

Our firm employs a highly qualified and diversified staff, bringing together knowledge, skills and creative imagination tailored to the needs of each specific project. Our solutions evolve through a process of researching and evaluating the many various aspects of each project, and then blending individual talent, technology and management into a true team effort resulting in a successful project. Our services include the following:

• Market Research & Product Recommendations
• Site Planning
• Architectural Design & Construction Documents:
- Detached Residential
- Attached Residential
- Custom Homes
- Neighborhood Design
- Master Planned Communities
- Senior Housing Projects
- Recreation Facilities
- Retail Commercial

With today's highly integrated commercial and residential communities demanding higher densities and more creative solutions, LGS Architects, Inc. is committed to remain at the leading edge of innovation in providing "state of the art" design that meets the challenge.

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