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Phase I - Pre-Planning and Pre-Design (1 week)

• Client provides a program describing the scope of the project and its included elements, including a statement of objectives, marketing and site data, and all jurisdictional requirements. This program will be the basis of the project's design for all further phases.
• LGS Architects reviews the submitted program to become familiar with the project and come to a mutual agreement with the Client on requirements and objectives. LGS Architects then ensures that project complies with current ordinances and regulations.

Phase II - Schematic Design Phase (Conceptual, 2 weeks; Actual, 1 week)

• LGS Architects prepares several sets of conceptual design studies for Client's review, comment, and approval. cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys cheap nhl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys china Camping pot titanium 450ml cup
• Once Client selects one set of conceptual design studies, LGS Architects prepares one set of floorplans illustrating layout and size aspects for Client's review, comment, and approval.

Phase III - Site Planning (1 week)

• Client provides a finished tract map of project.

• Building footprints, to be plotted by a civil engineer on the tract map, are prepared by LGS Architects.

Phase IV - Preliminary Design Phase (2 weeks)

• LGS Architects adjusts floorplans according to Client recommendations, then prepares exterior elevations befitting of the project's architectural character, also to be reviewed by Client and altered based on Client recommendations.

• LGS Architects available to offer expertise, in tandem with other consultants, on Client's project design. The Client then reviews and approves LGS Architects' preliminary designs.

Phase V - Design Development Phase (2 weeks)

• LGS Architects prepares detailed design development drawings for all plans and establishes preliminary material and construction standards, both for Client review, comments, and approval.
• LGS Architects attends a Value Engineering conference to review project designs with the Client and key subcontractors.

Phase VI - Presentation Phase (2 weeks)

• Color boards, Color Application Booklet

• LGS Architects prepares illustrated exhibits, including floorplans, exterior elevations, and color schemes, to present to the required jurisdictional government offices for approval. Client also may use these exhibits for promotional purposes.

Phase VII - Construction Document Phase (4 weeks)

• LGS Architects prepares construction documents following local building codes and other jurisdictional requirements. These documents allow for the Client to obtain a building permit.

Phase VIII - Plan Check Phase (Varied)

• Construction documents are submitted to the Building Department for a plan check. Required corrections are made by LGS Architects. An office plan check is also conducted by LGS Architects, to help minimize errors.
• The Client notifies LGS Architects of any perceived errors/omissions in plans. LGS Architects will provide written instructions addressing these concerns; it is the Client's responsibility to follow these instructions.

• LGS Architects reviews work of structural engineers, M.E.C. consultant, etc. working on project for compliance with architectural standards of project.

Phase IX - Construction Phase (Varied)

• LGS Architects visits a project model or pilot building to observe that its progress fits with the visual architectural design. Subsequent buildings are to follow this initial building's design standards.


• LGS Architects offers additional services throughout this process at an extra fee.

Please contact LGS Architects to learn more about these services.

This timeline is not a complete schedule of information and should not be considered a substitute for the actual Client-Architect contract agreement. Please contact LGS Architects for further details.

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